Grow your Tech or Saas business inter­nationally

We create new business opportunities for organizations with lengthy sales cycles.

You can expect new business appointments from international markets, a network with Ideal Contact Persons and a pre-sales process that integrates with your organization.

your own pre sales team

Dedicated Pre-sales Teams

Our pre-sales agents and supporting specialists are professionals who understand your solution in depth.

a proven process

A Proven Process

Our way of working has proven to be more effective than other pre-sales methods. Let us prove it to you too.

no cure, no pay

Paid for performance

Because we have confidence in the positive results we achieve for you, we work on a risk-sharing basis.

12 x ROI

”In the last 12 months we acquired 8 new customers with the help of Pipeline Factory, with a contract value of more than EUR 300,000. This was about 12 times the investment.”

-Ruben Van Geffen
Managing Partner at worldofwork

“We will go to any length to close the appointment for you, whether by phone, email, or through social media. We’ll get it done with our proven steps:”

Step 1

Identify target markets

Step 2

Generate prospect lists

Step 3

Execute connection strategy

Why use Pipeline Factory?

  • Grow Internationally
  • Mitigate sales team investment
  • Manage cash flow effectively
  • Reach sales targets with lower risk
  • Limit organizational transformation
  • Build and expand your brand at the same time

Grow your business today!

Answer to all your questions

We have a complex IT solution. Can you deal with that?
Yes, almost all our customers have IT and/or SaaS solutions with a high level of complexity requiring deeper understanding in order to do pre-sales effectively. Our experience and the quality of our staff make us the perfect partner to do your pre-sales for you.
Do you do cold calling?
Yes, we do. Although we always use the phone in combination with either email and/or social media to communicate with prospects.
Do you offer commission based pricing?
Yes. We offer pricing based on performance. Contact us for more information.
Are we tied to a long-term contract?
No. We believe you should be able to leave whenever you want. Therefore we offer a notice period of one calendar month.

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