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We have a complex IT solution. Can you deal with that?
Yes, almost all our customers have IT and/or SaaS solutions with a high level of complexity requiring deeper understanding in order to do pre-sales effectively. Our experience and the quality of our staff make us the perfect partner to do your pre-sales for you.
Do you do cold calling?
Yes, we do. Although we always use the phone in combination with either email and/or social media to communicate with prospects.
Do you offer commission based pricing?
Yes. We offer pricing based on performance. Contact us for more information.
Do you offer your services outside of Europe?
Yes. We do as long as you speak and your target market speaks English.
What results can we expect?
The actual need and value of your solution makes it difficult for us to predict results initially. However, we believe our method is best suited to providers offering complex solutions with lengthy sales cycles.
How are you different from a Telemarketing company?
Quality relationships that produce trust are essential for prospects to do business with you. This takes time and effort through various touch points, particularly during the pre-sales process. We will gladly explain how we are different and what this means for your business.
Are we tied to a long-term contract?
No. We believe you should be able to leave whenever you want. Therefore we offer a notice period of one calendar month.
Do you invoice on an hourly basis?
No. We do not charge by the hour.
Do your pre-sales teams speak languages other than English?
No. Our pre-sales personnel only speak English.
Do your pre-sales agents work in different time zones?
Yes they do. Contact us for more information.
Do you offer your services exclusively as a complete solution?
In most cases, yes. However, if you have a specific need for one of the services we offer, we are open to discussing this further.