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B2B appointment settings

What we do

B2B Appointment setting

Communicating by phone, email and Linkedin the aim is to foster the kind of confidence and trust that leads to effective selling opportunities.

You’ll receive:

  • Qualified appointments in international markets
  • A sizeable digital network with Ideal Contact Persons (ICP’s)
  • A smooth pre-sales process functioning as an extension of your company

Who you get

A Dedicated Pre-sales team

Your assigned pre-sales agent is responsible for raising interest, qualifying prospects and setting appointments. Our specialists support the agents with targeted lead lists, sales collateral and technology. Our management team guides the whole process, and keeps the team trained and driven.

They know you, your brand voice and your proposition and can clearly communicate this in a way that generates interest and builds trust.

Dedicated pre-salesteam
Our proven process

How we do it

B2B Prospecting

The foundation for any outbound sales process is the lead list with the right companies, the right contact persons and verified contact data. You need to know exactly who you’re targeting and have verified contact information to get hold of them. Without that, you’re wasting your time and money.


B2B Social Selling

There will always be value in referrals and your existing network, but growing internationally cannot be achieved by word of mouth. LinkedIn has 830 MILLION users and we know how best to use it for your advantage.

As a first step in the sales process we build a lead list, attract attention with the right contact persons and garner interest and trust through knowledge and authority.


Lead nurturing & Appointment setting

We’ve done the prospecting, we’ve made contact on LinkedIn and now we are ready to take the discussion further. Our pre-sales agents approach and interact with your prospects daily by phone or email to qualify and identify needs.

A significant part of the workload involved in creating new business opportunities is done by making sure prospects are followed up systematically. This can take a few weeks or as much as 6 months. Doing this well requires good organizational skills and discipline.


Sales Collateral

We use, and if needed, produce content as an integral part of our outbound strategy. Case studies, information sheets and landing pages increase the understanding of your solution and demonstrate your value.


Complete Transparency

Any and all communication between the pre-sales agent and your prospects can be seen in your CRM tool. Furthermore we provide a dashboard with the results we’ve generated for you.



There are many tools available to improve your sales efforts. Through experience we have leveraged those which provide the most value for international expansion and ROI.

We are continually exploring the advantages of new technologies and fine tuning the effectiveness of those we already use to get the most out of what is available today.

Why we do it

Because it works.

12x ROI

”In the last 12 months we acquired 8 new customers with the help of Pipeline Factory, with a contract value of more than EUR 300,000. This was about 12 times the investment.”
Ruben Van Geffen – Managing Partner at worldofwork